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Hassle free, self managed trading bots.

Several innovative trading strategies and signals have been developed and tested by our team of experts traders for all your automated cryptocurrency trading needs. You will also discover a range of tools and courses.

We take a simplistic approach on our website, focusing on backend quality rather than fancy animations and bold claims.

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Getting Started
To manage your TA Warriors trading products with Cryptohopper, choose your preferred Major Exchange. We have selected Coinbase as our...

Choosing the right product
Your personality is going to dictate the product that best suit your needs. We Technical Analysis Warriors took a trading style approach for our products, making it easy to get started. Trading can be broken down into four main styles. The four types of trading are scalping, day trading, swing

Custom Strategy

Have our team of experts translate your existing strategy into code or create a brand new one and easily automate your crypto trading !

Custom Strategy Form
For us to create your custom strategy, we need some informations.Chargement en cours…